My Scottish holiday and Harper’s Highland Fling

Over the August Bank Holiday, my husband and I took my elderly mother-in-law to visit her family in Scotland. The weather was brilliantly sunny. Indeed, we were probably in the best part of the country for the weather. We visited Perth, Dundee, Broughty Ferry, St Andrews and Pitlochry. To accompany all this wonderful scenery and good weather, I was reading Harper’s Highland Fling, by author and Scottish enthusiast, Lizzie Lamb.

Lizzie in Scotland

This is the third book I have read by this author. I really enjoyed the conflict between the two main characters of the book, Rocco Penhaligan and Harper MacDonald as they travel together in search of their gallivanting teenagers – Rocco’s son, Pen, and Harper’s niece, Ariel. It all made for page-turning fun as they chased the youngsters all the way from Cornwall to Plockton in Scotland.

Lizzie says, “Having independently published six novels to date I’ve got a real feel for what my readers want. I’d long had a fancy for writing a ‘road trip novel’ and decided that Harper’s Highland Fling would be it. As an avid caravanner I’ve stayed in most parts of the country and once I got out the atlas to plot Harper’s journey north the novel almost wrote itself. My husband enjoys restoring old vehicles and I imagined exactly how Harper would feel when Rocco turns up on an old motorbike and tells her to ‘get on or get left behind.’  Left with no choice she does the latter. We were both primary school teachers for thirty four years, so I was able to write with some authority about how Harper felt at the end of a long, gruelling academic year when she discovers that her wayward niece has scuppered her holiday plans.”

Finally, one of my favourite places in Scotland is Plockton so it was a no-brainer for me to set the novel there (with a stop over in Leicester where I live).”

Plockton is a small village in the Lochalsh, Wester Ross area of the Highlands, with a population of less than 500. It has often been called ‘the Jewel of the Highlands’

Lizzie’s book, certainly is a jewel which I would highly recommend. It kept me fully entertained over the break and even for a few days on my return. I think it is probably my favourite by this author, although they are all good and unique in their own ways.

The five others are also featured below and as we’re all different, other readers may find their favourites among the titles featured below.

Lizzie’s books can be found on her Amazon author page or her website at

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25 Responses to My Scottish holiday and Harper’s Highland Fling

  1. Lizzie Lamb says:

    Reblogged this on Lizzie Lamb – author and commented:
    Many thanks to Sheila Johnson for this great blog about our mutual love for Scotland. So glad that you enjoyed Harper’s Highland Fling, too.


  2. Lizzie Lamb says:

    Hi Sheila and many thanks for this fabulous blog post about Harper’s Highland Fling. It was simply a joy to write. It’s taken me longer than usual to get down to #7 because the charcaters stayed with me and refused to leave (!) I hope you like the next one as much. I hope to publish before this time next year as it will be the 10th anniversary of my becoming an indie author.


  3. Jan Brigden says:

    What a lovely post and review, Sheila. I love Lizzie’s books too. Her characters and settings are always so vivid and her writing style so warm, engaging and entertaining. I can’t wait to read her next novel xx

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  4. junekearns says:

    I’ve enjoyed every one of Lizzie’s books, but this one really was a stand-out read for me. Gorgeous settings, of course, plus two (slightly more mature)) main characters and absolutely cracking dialogue.
    Just loved it!

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  5. Isabella says:

    I keep saying this, every time Lizzie has a book out but I think this is my favourite, too! I enjoyed the road trip so much, there’s a great sense of place and it makes me want to travel to Scotland! There are great dialogues, too. I hope we won’t have to wait much for her next novel!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lizzie Lamb says:

      Dear Isa, thank you for your kind remarks. I love Italy. You love Scotland. We both love romance novels. What could be more perfect? I seem to be getting bogged down with ‘admin’ at the moment. Need to clear the decks and get on with the writing.

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  6. Or maybe you were replying to the previous comment!

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  7. Lizzie Lamb says:

    Either/Or 😉

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  8. Lovely blog chat with one of my favourite authors – and chums – Sheila, thank you.

    I too adore Lizzie’s novels, always fresh, funny and beautifully written – the characters so real I can hear them – and of course her love for her homeland always shines through. No wonder her tales capture her readers’ hearts!

    Wonder where she’ll take us in her next exciting adventure? Can’t wait! X

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  9. Sarah Houldcroft says:

    I love Lizzie’s books. They are always full of wonderful characters, humour, romance and of course a hot hero!

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    • Lizzie Lamb says:

      Thank you Sarah, and where would I be without your expertise as a book formatter and publisher? I only did one book on my own and it convinced me that I’m much better at writing them. LOL.

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  10. Yes, Lizzie we certainly are a couple of Celts and it’s great that writing let’s us explore that side of our character, especially when we delve into historical details that deepen our stories. Sounds like you have deep Celtic roots too, Sheila – no wonder we’re all storytellers XX


  11. jessiecahalin says:

    This is a lovely blog post, thank you. Absolutely adore Lizzie Lamb’s novels as they are so beautifully written and sparks always fly. I want to visit Plockton now.

    Liked by 1 person

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